2nd Annual Acro Yoga Retreat – Globe AZ – May 13-15, 2016


Ask about:

  • Limited Private Indoor Accommodations* – $25
  • Early arrival and leaving late
  • Camping space available (tents, RV, camper vans, etc.)
  • Sorry, no pets

* This is not a resort or hotel, so expect clean but modest accommodations.

Arrival Time:

Please plan to arrive no later than 6pm Friday. Consider arriving early (2pm) to get yourself situated in your space and to get acclimated to the facility.


Carpooling from Tucson and Phoenix available.

Map and Directions:

Wind Spirit Community
4514 E. Dripping Springs Rd.
Winkelman, AZ 85192 (south of Globe AZ)


60s at night.  80s during the day.

Items to bring:

Here are some items we suggest you bring with you:

  • Yoga Mat
  • Cloths appropriate for cool evenings (long pants, jackets, hoodies, etc.)
  • Bathing suit for pool, hot tub and sauna. (suits are optional)
  • Bedding/Pillows (unless other arrangements have been made with Deena)
  • Extra Blankets – it’ll be cool in the evenings
  • Toiletries
  • Flashlight
  • Earplugs (for those in the communal sleeping area)
  • Drinks for yourself (water, beer, etc.)
  • Snacks (for yourself during the day and after dinner)
  • Toilet paper (optional)
  • Baby wipes
  • Camera

Example Menu:

  • Friday dinner: either vegetable miso soup or carrot ginger soup, with green salad and bread
  • Saturday breakfast: oatmeal, fruit salad, yogurt, banana bread, toast with jam/pb/butter/etc., coffee, OJ, tea
  • Saturday lunch: sweet potato black bean chili, salad, corn bread
  • Saturday dinner: pasta alfredo and home made pizzas (gotta get final word on this from Don, as he’s offered to do pizzas so I want to make sure he’s still ready for this!)
  • Sunday breakfast: same spread as Saturday
  • Sunday lunch: egg/spinach fritatta, salad

Internet Connectivity:

Limited WIFI internet connectivity is available. Going offline for the event is encouraged!  Phone connectively is limited.


Note: expect some changes/additions – come back for updates.

May 13th

2-6pm Acro Jam

6:30pm – Opening circle, small group get to know you discussions over dinner


8-8:30pm – Introductions, expectations, and communications. Welcome game

8:30pm – Open Acro Jam

Sauna/Pool/Hot Tub
Camp Fire, Game Play!

May 14th

6:45am-7:45am – Sunrise Yoga

7:30am-8:45am – Breakfast, announcements

9-12pm 1st Acro Session breakdown

Noon – Lunch

1:30-5pm 2nd Acro Session

5:30p – Dinner

7pm – Led Acro Jam

Sauna/Pool/Hot Tub
Camp Fire, Game Play!

May 15th

6:45am-7:45am (Maria)
Sunrise Yoga


9-12pm Final Acro Session


1:30pm-3pm Acro Jam – optional

Head home at your leasure!


Date: ________________

Wind Spirit Community Waiver (Acro-yoga Retreat)

I, the undersigned (print name)
_______________________________________, hereby release Windspirit Community, Inc., (WSC) located at 4514 E. Dripping Springs Rd, Winkelman, AZ 85292, from any and all liability and responsibility for any physical harm that may occur to me, my children, my animals, and/or my property while I am voluntarily staying at the aforementioned address.

I acknowledge that there is ongoing work and construction projects and that it is my responsibility to be aware of the dangers inherent in and around these projects. I UNDERSTAND that using any facilities, tools, camping and walking around at WSC are at my own risk.

I hereby take full responsibility for any physical damages and losses, including but not limited to theft or fire, that affect my children, my animals, or myself.

I hereby agree to financially reimburse Windspirit Community Inc., for any and all damages and losses caused by myself, my animals or anyone in my family.

Visitor Signature:__________________________________________

Date: __________________________________________________

Email (optional): __________________________________________

Witness Signature: ________________________________________
Visitor’s emergency contact info:

Contact Name____________________________________________



I, ______________________________________________, hereby agree to the following:

1. I am participating in the Classes, Workshops, Intensives, Immersions, Conference, Festival, or Retreats during which I will receive information and instruction about yoga, Thai massage and acrobatics. I recognize that yoga, Thai massage and other acrobatics require physical exertion that may be strenuous and may cause physical injury, and I am fully aware of the risks and hazards involved.

2. I understand that it is my responsibility to consult with a physician prior to and regarding my participation in any or all activities. I represent, verify, and warrant that I am physically fit and that I have no medical condition that would prevent my full participation in any or all offerings.

3. In further consideration of being permitted to participate in any or all offerings, I knowingly, voluntarily and expressly waive any claim I may have against the instructors, organizers or Wind Spirit Community, for injury or damages that I may sustain as a result of participating in the workshop.

4. I further hereby indemnify and hold harmless instructors, teachers, organizers and Wind Spirit Community from any and all damages, liabilities, costs and expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, arising out of or relating to any claim by a third party resulting from my practice or instruction in the field of yoga, Thai massage or acrobatics.

5. I, my heirs or legal representatives forever release waive, discharge and covenant the instructors, teachers, organizers and Wind Spirit Community for any injury or death caused by their negligence or other acts.

I have read the above release and waiver of liability and fully understand its contents. I voluntarily agree to the terms and conditions stated above.




  • Acro Yoga Workshops
    • Basic to advanced instructions
    • Creative process and performance
  • 6 Healthy Meals (YES, INCLUDED!)
    • Vegetarian
    • Ask about vegan options
    • Ask about dietary accommodations
  • Communal Indoor Sleeping Accommodations* (YES, INCLUDED!)
    • Limited Private Indoor Accommodations* available for $25
    • Camping spaces available
    • Please bring sleeping bags, pillows, towels, etc. (limited supplied available)
    • Bathrooms and showers
  • Other Activities:
    • Sunrise Yoga
    • Slack lining
    • Hiking
    • Underground sauna
    • Above-ground swimming pool
    • Hot Tub (4 person)
    • Native American sites within walking distance, plus numerous hiking trails in beautiful hills
    • …and be prepared for a mean game of Janga!

* This is not a resort or hotel, so expect clean but modest accommodations.

30 max participating in acro yoga activities.
60 max attendees. (friends, family,etc.)

Signing liability waivers is required upon arrival. See bottom of this page.

Mail a check payable to:

Peter Gariepy – 8008 E Alandale Pl, Tucson AZ 85715
Be sure to include your name, address, phone, and email address.

Pay via Paypal.

Be sure to include your name, address, phone, and email address.
Send payment to:  petergariepy@gmail.com


We are thrilled to be once again putting on our second annual Acroyoga retreat in Globe, AZ May 13-15, 2016.

The retreat will include yoga, slacklining, lots of acroyoga, and plenty of time for rest, self oare, community building, and hiking.

We are LGBTQI friendly, and very family friendly. The goal of the retreat is to make it affordable enough to be accessible by all, including those with limited resources, and those with big families.

We will have a free flowing children’s program concurrent to the main workshop times if we have enough kids. If we have just a few kids, we will help organize cooperative childcare and community support.

The Globe gathering is more than an acroyoga retreat. It is an opportunity to come out and play and reconnect with yourself and your family, new and old friends. It is a time to find joy and courage in the body, whatever your practice.

All levels are welcome, no partners are required.

A variety of housing styles are available, from camping to casitas.

Held at the peaceful Wind Spirit Community Retreat. 2 hrs from Tucson and Phoenix, just south of Globe AZ

  • Acro yoga, Yoga, slackening – classes and jams
  • Family, kid and LGBTQI friendly
  • Kid yoga and acro yoga instruction… bring your kids!
  • Great vegetarian food
  • On site sleeping accommodations (included!)
  • Sauna, hot tub, pool
  • Price includes EVERYTHING! 

Instructors (Tentative):

All levels (beginning to advanced) Acro Yogi’s are encouraged to attend. Groups will be made based upon experience. Partner NOT required.