Tucson Flash Mob 2017

Location:  Tucson Celtic Festival

Date:  Saturday, Nov 4 – 3:30pm (tentative)


Join us as we perform an Acro Yoga flash mob at Tucson Celtic Festival – Saturday, Nov 4th!

Now is your chance to participate in an Acro Yoga flash mob!  No experience necessary!  Partner is not required. We can help pair you up with someone!

Simply get to scheduled classes and group meetings to learn and perfect the pre-defined flows.  Pieces of the choreography will be taught at the classes listed below, and full choreography practice will be instructed and practiced at the Flash Mob group practices.

Organizers are arranging everything including location, music, choreography, schedules and practice videos.  If you would like to participate, please double check that your schedule will allow for the practices and performance dates, and then sign up below.

Participants are required to pay $10 to Cirque Roots for coordination of performance and use of their facility.  Participation is free for Cirque Roots members.

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Facebook Event Page:

Be sure to join the Facebook event page for updates.

Class Schedules:

Parts of the flows will be taught at these participating classes:

  • Monday – 6:30pm – Cirque Roots
  • Tuesday – 5:30pm – Rising Phoenix
  • Friday – 5pm – Movement Culture

We encourage you to also practice on your own as well!


One-on-one instruction is also available. Just ask and we’ll arrange private lessons.

Contact Info:

Group Schedule: (tentative)

  • Sun – Oct 8 @ 11am – Cirque Roots – Kick off meeting – MANDATORY*
  • Sun – Oct 15 @ 11am – Cirque Roots – Group practice
  • Sun – Oct 22 @ 11am – Cirque Roots – Group practice
  • Sun – Oct 29 @ 11am – Cirque Roots – Group practice – MANDATORY*
  • Sat – Nov 4 @ 9am – Cirque Roots – Final group practice – MANDATORY*
  • Sat – Nov 4 @ 3:30pm – Celtic Festival!  WOOHOO!

*** If you absolutely, positively can not make a mandatory meeting but are committed to participating please contact the flash mob organizers so we can get you up to speed.

Flow Video 10/29/17:

NEW 10/29/17: The ENTIRE Music For Flow:



Guinness Flow

Movement Choreography (see video)
jump into standard flag + backbend in flag
Movement Choreography (see video)
Run to base and kick up to star – pencil, knee cross, pencil
Step to Reverse Bird
Low Foot To Hand – to F2H press to warrior 3 pose
Reverse Bird
Ninja Star (through straddle bat 2x)
Step to star – scissor frog, scissor straddle
Pop to straddle bat
Barrel Roles *2
Barrel to bird
Pop to throne
Pop to bird – Pop to standing
Help base up…

Jameson Flow

Movement Choreography (see video)
Run to bird – swivel – bow
Step to shin to foot – choreography (see video)
Roll down to shoulder stand (hands holding ankles)
Folded leaf
Straddle Bat – prasarita twist
Floating Paschi (straight legs) – flyer to feet
Assisted Handstand into Boat
Reverse Shoulder Stand (flyer holds base’s foot)
Straddle bat
Spider roll
Reverse throne
Waterfall – pop up back to reverse throne

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The Video That Inspired Us!